A Ring from Minerva’s Moon

An acolyte raises a ring from Minerva’s moon, up from the grass to the tips of the fingers, twirling a glowing green up toward the branches, and the sky, —A hand from outside lends it mystical life, now reaching for it, now letting it fly, now making it spin ever faster and faster, sharing in its high disdain for mere earthward-falling beauty.

Natural Royalty

You don’t often see a bride and a groom emerge from a garden path in a park walking naturally and paying no attention to anything besides each other. They are like a king and a queen in a fairy tale.

However, that story is just in my head, and maybe in yours. All we see is a couple dressed in wedding clothes walking in a park and engrossed in each other without retinue. If you know that this is Brooklyn Bridge Park, it is easy to imagine that they inhabit the still unpretentious part of that borough, that long forgotten city that was swallowed by my own.