Text Box: Confession Time
It is customary in our Church to prepare for the great feasts by Confession. Christmas is coming near: and we all ought to take seriously the need to prepare our hearts by  loving, trusting, and joyful confession to the Lord. I know  we often do not have this attitude that confession is a joy and a consolation—often we feel burdened by a false sense of shame or pride. We do not like to admit we have done anything wrong. We do not see why we cannot just tell the Lord directly in our prayers. We often forget that the confession to the priest is part of the iconic meeting of Christ in the person of his minister. And is also part of the ’public’ Text Box: aspect of acknowledging our sins in the body of the faithful; his Church, which is his holy body. When we fall away from the true Christian life we do not just harm ourselves, or think we  disrespect Christ alone. We actually diminish and  damage the entire Church. We dim its power and effectiveness, because we dim our light. Confession is the great sacrament called ‘exomologesis’. Confession  does not just mean enumerating the list of all the things we have done wrong; or getting all our guilt problems off our chest from time to time; or even lining up for a counselling session and having a ‘life chat.’ In the Christian faith it is more than this. Confession, in its older sense, meant witnessing to the Text Box: faith: speaking out the faith. And in terms of this sacrament of repentance: it means precisely the  admittance (that is the confession) that Jesus is Lord and master of our lives and our hearts and our souls. It is obedience to the Lord’s command, the central one that makes us disciples, that the  follower of Jesus ‘shall love the Lord God with your whole heart and all your mind, and all your soul.’  We learn in the Scripture that ‘God is a jealous God’: I think this means that he seeks our whole soul: and can accept nothing less. He will not be a ‘half-friend’ to us, or a ‘fair-weather neighbour’. Confession is our way, in spite of  so many times we have been half-hearted, to say to God that our heart longs after Him still.
Text Box: St. Gregory’s News Letter
Text Box: European Court of Rights Hears Appeal
Text Box: Archbishop Dimitri Trakatellis, leader of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of The Americas ( Exarch of the Patriarch of Constantinople) travelled with several of the  chief lay leaders of the Greek Orthodox Church last week to the  Text Box: Supreme Court of Appeals of the European Union, to present  a petition for justice—to have restored to the Patriarchate monasteries schools and possessions that have successively been taken from it by the Turkish Government. 
Text Box: One of the  chief points of contention is over the ownership of the Seminary at Halki, which was closed as it was functioning to educate international leaders of the Orthodox clergy. May their task succeed. May the Church find legal freedom.
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