Text Box: November is already upon us. It has been so unseason-ably warm this year that we are  going to move straight from high summer, so it seems, into the darkening nights of winter. Many scientists have  begun to tell us loud and clear now that humanity has put so much noxious gas into the earth’s atmosphere that we may have disrupted our weather patterns in a serious way. Even so, most people hardly believe it. Even those who do believe it, do little about it. America does very little to save on energy that would alleviate many of the world’s problems, preferring to waste great amounts of it for the sake of comfort and convenience, and  deftly blocking attempts by other world governments to work towards a planned reducText Box: tion of carbon gas emissions globally. The World has never faced this level of man-made pollution before. It is a new problem for our  race, and one that we do not seem to be resolving very well. The Orthodox doctrine of the  divine transfiguration of  our nature, by the indwelling presence of the Holy Word of God in the flesh of Jesus, gives us a whole set of indications how we might best approach this world crisis, and how we Orthodox might bring our own philosophical and ethical views to bear in the debate. God has made all things for his own delight, and as part of the  massively generous outflow of divine philanthropy and mercifulness. All things are not set here for our delight; or for our enjoyment and Text Box: use. Some are, but not all. We cannot ‘use’ the world and try to master it. God did not make us Lords of creation; only Stewards of creation, and has charged his natural world with the potentiality of divine mystery, divine sacrament. It seems clear enough then -If we abuse the world, we abuse the mysteries of  God. God’s saints should live with a light footprint.
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Text Box: Patriarch Bartholomew in the Arctic Circle
Text Box: On September 6th  Patriarch Bartholomew of Constantinople led the 7th International Conference on the environment from on board the ship Fram in the Arctic Circle. It focused on the massive loss of ice on Greenland, because of Text Box: global warming. In the company of Kofi Annan, and President Barroso,  of the European Commission the Patriarch  gave lectures on how, if concerted action is not taken to reduce carbon emissions across the world in the next ten years, Text Box: irremediable damage to the environment will have been caused. He called on all men and women of good sense and heart to become involved in this issue. Sitting in the ship Fram he looks very ‘buoyant’ in his orange life vest. I want one.
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St. Gregory the Theologian

 Patriarch Bartholomew and the shrinking ice