Text Box: This is the first issue of our Parish newsletter. I hope to be able to present, Sunday by Sunday, the  texts of the weekly Epistles and Gospels so that everyone can  take them home and think about them over the days that follow the divine Liturgy.
The time after is often called, in our Church, ‘The Liturgy After the Liturgy’. It means the manner in which we live out the implications of the sacred mysteries we have entered into so dramatically through the Eucharist, in the ordinary fabric of the day to day. The Liturgy after the Liturgy is our way of ‘applying’ the Divine Mysteries to our life, and in our life. The regular reading of the Gospel is one Text Box: major way in which we allow the ‘sacrament of the Word’ to renew itself in us. As the poet Gerard Manley Hopkins once described it, through reflection, the text can ‘burst on our tongue’ like a sloe, filling us with new insights and wonderment—but only if we give the Holy Word the space to work upon us: our minds and our hearts.
The Newsletter is called Theologos—the title of our patron St. Gregory, whom the ancient church called simply ‘The Theologian’, so deep were his teachings about God. Apart from the scriptures for each week, it will have little features too—a Children’s Corner, a series of ‘Notes on the Liturgy’ commenting on what we do at certain Text Box: points, and why. It will try to reflect current news of the Orthodox world. If you have items of interest you would like to share in the Newsletter, email them to me by Wednesday preceding the Liturgy.
Text Box: St. Gregory’s News Letter
Text Box: New Patriarch for the Romanian Church
Text Box: Following the recent death of Patriarch Theoctist, the Holy Synod elected His Beatitude Daniil Cibotea as the new Patriarch of the Romanian Orthodox. Before becoming Archbishop of Iasi, which was his immediate post before the Text Box: election, the Archbishop had been professor of theology at the ecumenical Institute in Geneva (Bossey). He studied theology in Romania (Sibiu and Bucharest) before going on to Europe to study Protestant theology at the UniverText Box: sity of Strasbourg, and Catholic Theology at Freiburg im Breisgau. His book, in English, ‘Conf-essing the Truth in Love’ is a very readable and positive work, describing the purpose of the Church as the builder of communion.
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Text Box: St.Gregory the theologian orthodox chapel

Fresco Icon of St. Gregory

Mount Athos



He is a most dynamic personality, and has energetically rebuilt many monasteries after the years of communist devastation in Romania. It is widely expected that he will be a powerful force for the renewal of the Romanian Church both at home, and in the Diaspora. Ecumenism is a great personal interest for him, and his outlook is broad and open.  News can be found on the patriarchal website: www.patriarhia.ro